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Spring 2010

At the BAPO (British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists) 2010 I carried out a workshop on “The use of taping and manipulation in orthotic practice”. The treatment of patients with biomechanical problems often needs a holistic approach to diagnose and then treat the patient effectively. The use of taping techniques has been used by professionals for a long time to treat a variety of problems. The workshop covered the distinct advantages of taping and manipulation techniques. The workshop seemed very successful with participants actively being involved in practicing the taping technique once I had showed them how to do it. More info can be found at .

At the spring meeting of the Trent Regional British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine I did a talk entitled “Does prophylactic management using orthoses have a place in sport”, which was well received. Linking the treatment of cricketers prophylatically with that of treating patients within the NHS, I build upon themes to highlight the differences and similarities between the two.

Summer 2010

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