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Industrial footwear has moved on over the last few years and there are many different manufacturers selling footwear into the UK. However, for some people, industrial footwear is uncomfortable and causes them much discomfort whilst at work. This must also have an effect upon productivity and as employers have a responsibility in many cases to ensure that their employees are wearing adequate safety footwear then the onus is on the employer to some level to ensure that the employee has adequate footwear to wear. Unfortunately in some circumstances off the shelf footwear is not suitable for individuals, particularly people who have very swollen feet or have very broad forefeet or have toes which are clawing which increase the overall height of the foot. In these cases bespoke industrial footwear has a place and can make the individual much more comfortable and with less chances of ulceration or having long periods of absence from work. It is also possible that the addition of a foot orthoses within the industrial footwear may also alleviate symptoms much further.

Provision of industrial footwear is more expensive than buying off the shelf footwear, however, if off the shelf footwear has proved to be unsuccessful then bespoke footwear may be the best solution for the individual making them more productive and happier at work, with more comfort and less sick periods.

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