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Many years ago some footwear providers were deemed to be of a low quality and styles were often unattractive. Buying footwear from specialist shoemakers, mainly in London, was an alternative but tended to be more expensive than people could afford. In the last few years footwear has become much neater and many varieties and styles of shoe can be obtained with a multitude of different colours to suit the individual. Accuracy in fitting footwear has also improved with scanning techniques which allow the last maker to produce a much more accurate and well fitting last than was previously obtainable.

I have worked in footwear provision for fifteen years and teach footwear provision at Stafford University. I have lectured on the subject within my own professional group. I have included a number of different shoe types but this is by no means exhaustive, and colour and style of shoes give individuals a large choice in footwear. Also footwear can produce much more than a cover for ones feet. When good design is used great improvements in function can be achieved.

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