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Welcome to the Orthotic Biomechanical Solutions website! The aim of this website if to give patients information about treatments available and to enable an informed choice to be made about the services that can be provided to you.

I trained at Salford University and since qualifying with a BCs (Hons) in Prosthetics and Orthotics I have worked in a wide variety of NHS settings, including a specialist

diabetes centre, foot and ankle orthopedic clinic and childrens orthopedic clinic. I have completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Diagnosis and a Masters degree at Sheffield University, using plantar pressure measurement systems to investigate the effectiveness of orthotics.

I work in both the NHS and private sector, and also work within an Occupational Health capacity for a large food company. I also do work for a number of professional cricket clubs. My role is defined by biomechanical deficits often relating to injuries and conditions which have a biomechanical basis to them. To enable me to do this effectively I have become proficient in the use of gait analysis techniques including pressure measurement and vector generation to accurately diagnose gait abnormalities in individuals who are active in sport or who may have some level of disability. I currently teach at two UK universities.

This website details the different treatments and footwear options, the range of orthotics available, and how diagnosis can help inform treatment routes. It talks about different types of pains such as knee pain, and problems such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, pronation, Achilles tendonitis, It offers various solutions such as shoe insoles, support insoles, arch insoles, braces, and other orthotics. I also talk about occupational health work and industrial footwear. I hope you find this website both useful and informative, and if you wish to book an appointment with me please feel free to contact me.

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